Our Courses

Practical Lessons

1. Mental Sciences and Finer Forces
The Course comprises Hypnotism, Personal Magnetism, Mesmerism, Phreno-Magnetism, Character Reading, Suggestive and Psycho-Therapeutics, Magnetic Healing, Mind Reading, Telepathy, Will-Culture, Persian Magic and Clairvoyance, Prana-The Ocean of Life, Ghata Yoga-Purification of the Nadis, Development of Mental Powers, Psychic Healing and wonders of Psychic Healing. Our Course teaches that within you lies the key to success, power and happiness. You can cultivate this power like any other quality. You have come into this world to be a power and not to remain buried in ignorance. The ways and means to develop this wonderful power have been laid open in our course.

2. The Holy Order Of Krishna
The Order of Krishna is a school of mystics, occultists and Yogis that carry out the Orders of Krishna, the God—our invisible King. The Order of Krishna has all along, since time immemorial, continued to be choosing individuals for attainments, drawing men up to Krishna (The God well-known to you, call Him by whatever name, you please) and uplifting back into the whirl of joyous life, in Krishna. Our instructions (practical) are based on the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita which have been a guarded secret of the select few, a hierarchy of ardent Yogis cut off from the hurly-burly life of the world. The Order issues Grade I (12 Lessons) and Grade II (12 Lessons) and being a correspondence course our relations do not cease with the mailing of the course to you – this is only the beginning of the bond. Its value cannot be gauged in any money equivalent. Each lesson is worth its weight in gold. After you have mastered these lessons, we take you further on in the advanced Degrees of the Holy Order. Herein you are given an opportunity to know more of You. 

3. Shri Vidya
You may help yourselves by means of ancient and seemingly queer methods. We are therefore issuing these Lessons on Shakta (Power) Tantra (Secrets), giving details of the Practical Magic of Talismans Diagrams, Yantras, Tantras, Mantras and Prayogas. Today the world has great need of these instructions, hence our anxiety to forward these teachings. Our first two lessons on Shri Vidya are issued to the public for improving their mental state so that they may attract what they want in their lives.
  i.  The ‘I’ as Bliss – For success in all works
  ii. Vashya  – For mastery over environment
Rest are reserved for the advanced students of The Holy Order of Krishna – our course on Ancient Yoga.

4. Hindu Spiritualism
Remember, dear friend, that you have both a material and a spiritual body (Sthoola and Sookshma – Shareera). You can learn to use them both while living on the earth plane (sthoola loka), you are a citizen not alone of this world, but of the two worlds, physical and subtle, so that you have the privilege and birthright to communicate with spirit citizens – spirit friends, relatives, guides, teachers, doctors, etc. This power is given to you to use rightly and wisely so that you may carry on your spiritual work, while on earth, and be happy here and now and when you pass into the spirit-world that is all around us. The whole course of our instructions may well be likened to an educational curriculum. Thus the preliminary part is the School Course where you are prepared and taught to converse with spirits and to have genuine ‘signs and wonders’ from them. The School Course is followed by the college course when the student dips more deeply into the mysteries of the spirit world. Our Advanced Course is really the ‘Post Graduate Course’ where you rise above the ordinary spiritism or spirit communications to the plane of ‘Upasana’ or Communion with advanced spirits, Devas and angels.